22nd November 2020

John Calvin’s Sermons on the Letter to the Ephesians

Sermon preached by Lord Alderdice to Shelswell Benefice on Sunday 22nd November 2020, The Festival of Christ the King. Reading: Ephesians 1:15 to the end of the chapter, together with Matthew 25: 31 to the end of the chapter. The letter to the Ephesians is addressed from the Apostle Paul, and we know from the Acts of the Apostles that …

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7th November 2020

The Didache

The Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. This very short manual of what a significant body of early Christians believed about their faith is of enormous importance, not least because it gives a real insight into their priorities in those early times. The Didache is the oldest extant written catechism, probably from the 1st century. It was lost for …

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6th November 2020

Solidarity 40

Forty years on, the concept of Solidarity, which so inspired the famous and transformational Polish Trade Union, is again receiving the attention of progressive thinkers and we are celebrating and exploring the concept in a series of webinars. Our second on-line event addresses Solidarity between the generations – environmental and financial sustainability. Why not join us on Friday 20th November …

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