As I remember it: Bertie Aherne and the Good Friday Agreement


The former Taoiseach, Bertie Aherne, who played a key role in the negotiation of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement in 1998, interviews some of the other players in that historic process. In this episode he talks with some of the other participants in the negotiations that led to the Good Friday Agreement. Gary McMichael of the UDP recalls how his father’s murder motivated him to get into politics. Dermot Nesbitt of the UUP, Dawn Purvis of the PUP, Lord John Alderdice of the Alliance Party, Avila Kilmurray, and Monica McWilliams of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition also share their recollections and Bertie also talks to Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff at the time, Jonathan Powell

As I Remember It: Bertie Ahern & The Good Friday Agreement: Episode 3: Finding a Way Forward on Apple Podcasts

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