13th October 2020

In conversation with Johnny Lyons – Talking to Thinkers

In the latest episode of his ‘Talking to Thinkers’ series, Dublin author, Johnny Lyons, talks to John Alderdice, former Leader of the Alliance Party in Northern Ireland, a key player in the Good Friday Agreement and one of the youngest people to be appointed a life peer in the House of Lords.

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11th October 2020

Fratelli e Sorelle Tutti

Sermon preached for the Shelswell Benefice by Lord Alderdice at St Michael and All Angels Church in Fringford on Sunday 11th October 2020 Philippians. 4: 1 – 9 Today we read a passage from the 4th chapter of the letter of Paul to the Christians in the Macedonian city of Philippi.   Last week Penny spoke on a passage from chapter …

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23rd September 2020

CRIC Annual Conference 2020

This year’s Annual Conference of the Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict (CRIC), like most such events in 2020, had to be held on-line. The theme was “Disruption and the multi-lateral system after COVID-19” and it was a very successful event with participants from Australia, Singapore, Japan and India in the East, through the Middle East, Turkey, Germany, France, …

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11th October 2017

Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism. Part 2: fundamentalism, regression and repair

Abstract Prior to the watershed events of 11 September 2001, terrorism was generally seen simply as politically motivated, criminal violence. Since then the phenomena of religious fundamentalism, political radicalization and terrorism have become fused in the public mind, partly under the influence of the political and military reaction described as the ‘War on Terror’ and its successors. While there is …

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11th October 2017

Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism. Part 1: terrorism as dissolution in a complex system

Abstract In the first of two papers in this Special Issue, Lord Alderdice draws on his personal experience of living and working in Northern Ireland and other countries that have suffered from terrorism, and describes from a psychoanalytic and systemic perspective the history of national, cultural and political conflicts which form the backdrop to the struggles against fundamentalism, radicalization and …

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19th July 2017

…is anything happening with the Strategy to Disband Paramilitary Groups in Northern Ireland?

My Lords, I, too, thank the Minister for presenting in a clear and concise way the implications of the order. I accept that, unfortunately, it is necessary to bring this order back for another two years. Indeed, only yesterday, his right honourable friend in the other place, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, said in a Written Statement that the report of his honour, Brian Barker QC, the independent reviewer of national security arrangements, confirmed that,

Dissident republican groupings remain interested and involved in criminality … Loyalist paramilitaries claim political allegiance, although the motivation of many is crime and control through intimidation and violence.

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29th May 2017

Why has this generation dropped the baton?

On the long and winding road of the Northern Ireland Peace Process the most important lesson we learned was that such intractable, violent, political problems were a result of disturbed historic relationships between communities of people. The three key sets of relationships upon which the negotiations and subsequent institutions were based were between Protestant Unionists and Catholic Nationalists; between the people, North and South, in Ireland; and between Britain and Ireland.

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15th August 2016

…the lamps are going out again…

Some years ago, as fathers often do, I gave a piece of advice to my three children. In fact it was more of a plea than a piece of advice. I told them to stay close to each other because bad times were coming when the only people they could really depend upon would be family and very close friends.

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10th August 2016

Change and Challenge

The last year has again seen a remarkable level of activity for the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building, from the excitement of our Van Morrison fund-raiser, to our rapidly expanding international activities and our engagement with ground-breaking digital developments. However across the world, it has been a disturbingly challenging time for those of us committed to democracy and peace building.

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