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For some years I have been warning publicly that we are heading into a third global conflict, and this, at times, led me to feel quite down about the prospects for humanity. This third global conflict is not simply a rerun of the disasters of the twentieth century, for before 1945, however terrible a war was and however many people died, the world would repair itself and in time the population of the world could be restored. With the threat of nuclear war and the reality of climate change, humankind has brought about the very real danger of our own demise.

Lord Alderdice spoke in the House of Lords debate on the Israel/Gaza Conflict on 24 October 2023. Here is the script of that speech –

My Lords, I start by declaring my interests in the register, particularly as Executive Chairman and Director of The Changing Character of War Centre at Pembroke College, Oxford.

Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE (1943-2022)

There are those whose death leaves friends and family deeply sad – an unfilled chair at the table, a gap in the conversation, and a valued opinion missing from the discussion. Robert’s death does all of these things, but in addition it marks for me the end of a very particular era in the British Liberal contribution to the international Liberal family. The period was mainly marked by the remarkable contributions of two Scots and three Englishmen.