Some Recent Publications

Humanity’s Dark Side: Coping With a Failing World Order, (2022) RSIS Commentary, Singapore  Towards ICCS 2022 – Humanity’s Dark Side: Coping With a Failing World Order – RSIS

Review of ‘Psychoanalysis and Covidian life – common distress, individual experience’, eds H. B. Levine and A. de Staal, Phoenix Publishing House, Bicester, 2021.  In ‘Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy’, (2022).

Conflict, Complexity, and Cooperation (2021), New England Journal of Public Policy, Vol 33: Iss. 1, Article 9

On the psychology of religious fundamentalism (2021) Chap 11, 193 – 212, in ‘A Deeper Cut – further explorations of the unconscious in social and political life’, ed Morgan, D, Phoenix Publishing House, Bicester, UK

Leadership, Conflict, Cooperation (2021) Chap 17, 241 – 251, in ‘Terrorism, Violent Radicalization and Mental Health’, eds Bhui, KS & Bhugra, D, Oxford University Press

Morality, complexity and relationships, Journal of Moral Education (2021) Vol 50, 1, 13 – 20

The Role of Religious Experience in Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Dialogue  The Downside Review, (2020) Vol 138, 4, 118-121

Belfast and the Belfast Agreement: Mitigating the Return to Disturbance in our Historic Relationships, (2018) The Dr Garret Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture, 2018, National University of Ireland (click to read)

Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism. Part 2: fundamentalism, regression and repair (click to read)

Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism. Part 1: terrorism as dissolution in a complex system (click to read)

Why We Have the Center for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict in Oxford   New England Journal of Public Policy: Vol. 29 : Iss. 1 , Article 3. (click to read)

Risks, Rights and Respect – Essential Elements of the Irish Peace Process  Colombo, Sri Lanka, Wednesday 24th September 2008 (click to download)

Creating a shared parliament in a divided society  Lessons from the Northern Ireland experience (Chapter Five) (click to download)

Introduction to the Assembly Companion   What is a Legislative Assembly for, and how does it work? (click to download)

Off the couch and round the conference table  Contemporary Psychoanalytic Applications – edited by A. Lemma and M. P. Routledge (click to download)