“The violence of the tongue can be as dangerous as the violence of the gun.” John, Lord Alderdice, speaking as one of the negotiators in the Irish Peace Talks and addressing threatening language from one of the other delegations.



“How we feel is part of the way we think, and we need to incorporate this into our understanding of people and communities.” John, Lord Alderdice


“Justice is often portrayed as a woman, blindfolded and holding the scales of equality, but problems of relationships, whether of individuals or communities, are not resolved by covering our eyes so that we cannot see the other, much less by looking away to hide from ourselves their suffering humanity, but rather by looking into each other’s eyes and engaging with each other’s soul.”

John, Lord Alderdice, speaking at a Balfour Project conference on ‘Israel/Palestine and the Rule of Law’ – 26 May 2021


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